In 2008, the Zilber Family Foundation announced a $50 million commitment to improve the quality of life in Milwaukee neighborhoods, starting with Lindsay Heights and Clarke Square.  It formed a partnership—called the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative—with Walnut Way Conservation Corp. in Lindsay Heights, Journey House in Clarke Square, LISC Milwaukee, and United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee to organize the effort.

Since then, Lindsay Heights and Clarke Square residents, educators, business owners, and nonprofit leaders have come together to envision the future of their neighborhoods. The Foundation supports this work with multi-year grants for staff, operating expenses, organizing and planning, as well as funding for organizational development, technical assistance, and "early action" projects.

In 2010, the Foundation added the Layton Boulevard West neighborhoods of Layton Park, Burnham Park, and Silver City to the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative. Throughout 2011, hundreds of people who live and work in these neighborhoods participated in comprehensive community planning, led by Layton Boulevard West Neighbors.