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Welcome to our guide about top online casino sites in the US market. We're happy to have you here, and hopefully you'll feel the same way about visiting us.

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need when playing at online casinos that accept US customers. This includes the basic information you need to know in order to win at casino games, as well as plenty of information on which US online casino to choose (we have also written on casinos you should not choose under any circumstances, like Winpalace).

The team behind this site has combined experience from online gambling spanning over ten years. We write from experience and we do it honestly without holding anything back. As of right now, our site is advertisement-free, and even though this may change at some point, we're going to do the best job we can to provide you with brutally honest information for as long as we're live on the internet.

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Ranking Criteria

So with that said, how do we rank online casinos? We consider safety as the most important factor, way ahead of everything else. Why? Because you need to choose a safe and reliable online casino in order to receive the money you've won (surprisingly many online casinos run scam operations only to disappear with customers' money).

Our way of determining the safety of a casino is to look at its jurisdiction, track record & reputation online, quality of customer service, fairness of bonus terms, and - if such information exists - house advantage percentages. If an online casino passes all of that criteria, we feel good about recommending it to our visitors.

We also want to make one thing clear about our scam warnings: we've warned you because there might be something fraudulent going on at those internet casinos, not because there definitely is. But we've warned you about the operations because we feel like signing-up at them is a pointless risk considering all the safer options out there.


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