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One of the fastest growing methods of playing online games and indeed connecting with online casino platforms is through a mobile device. If you've got a tablet computer, laptop, or smart phone kicking around in the mix and are wondering how to get involved with a casino platform to play games, then you're in the right place.

However, there are a few things that need to be cleared up before you can simply jump into the first available casino platform, start making deposits, and hoping for the best. In fact, this is quite a bad way to go. Save yourself the time and headache of finding a poorly rated casino by following these tips to ensure your mobile casino experience is a positive one.

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Choosing a Mobile Casino

For the most part, players usually jump into the first available casino and start playing while hoping to hit it big for a big cash out. Unfortunately, this isn't the best way of going about it. Players need to break down the available information that's accessible to them in order to make a more informed choice.


This should be your first port of call when it comes to choose a mobile casino. Besides reading the information we've compiled for you here on this website, you should always go out of your way to skim through the app reviews. Of course these will usually be laden with the “nice casino!” comments that players simply spam in order to make any nuisance pop ups disappear.

However, players should pay particular attention to anyone who has taken the time to write a clear, well-thought review. These will usually provide incredible insight into what's going on within a mobile casino and will help flag any potential issues: slow payouts, poor or obscure payment options, and excessive deposit bonuses should all be taken as red flags and avoided.

System Requirements

Next are the system requirements. Fortunately, the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS) have eliminated most of the thinking for you by only making casino platforms available to you when they're going to work on your device. However, this doesn't necessarily apply to the wider community of players who choose to read reviews from sources made available elsewhere or on their desktop computers. This isn't an issue, but players will need to have an understanding of the hardware that's available on their mobile devices before settling on a platform choice. All of what you'll need will be found in your mobile device's handbook, user guide, and other documentation supplied with it.

User Experience

Much like how no casino was created equally, so too is the overall user experience when it comes to playing on a mobile device. You might find that different casinos handle differently across any additional devices you may have. This is completely normal since the mobile experience is optimized for one particular type of device. This isn't to say that it won't work across the entire spectrum of mobile devices (system requirements permitting), but it does mean that some will just naturally “feel” better when using a certain platform. This is something you'll find out through user reviews posted within the application marketplaces.

Device Selection

Users should also pay particular attention to the device they're using for their online gaming ventures. While the system requirements might be satisfied by the majority of devices, there's something to be said about experiencing a mobile casino on a larger screen, with better sound quality, and with a generally more comfortably ergonomic design. Of course, we're by no means recommending that you go out and buy the latest and greatest tablet or smart phone specifically for casino gaming, but something can be said for having a more gaming-friendly device at hand. It certainly does make things more satisfying in the long term!

Navigating the Mobile Experience

Something that you might be wondering is how the mobile experience differs from what players might expect on a full desktop system. Fortunately, it doesn't change all that much. Players who are familiar with the typical desktop experience will easily be able to convert themselves into the mobile editions of certain casinos with only a few minor adjustments. For the most part, the user interface of a mobile casino will be identical to any desktop version players might be familiar with, which means you'll easily be able to pick up your phone and get going on a casino after finishing up on the computer. It really doesn't change all that much.

Battery Life

What's unfortunate for players in this department is how playing on a mobile casino affects their battery life. Online casino games through a cell phone or tablet computer can be hugely demanding on a system's resources and especially its battery life. Of course, this doesn't hold true for every online casino and some have been optimized with battery life in mind, but gaming in general does cause quite a bit of strain on a battery. You shouldn't ever be far from a charger or power source if you're planning a marathon gaming session using your mobile device.

Device Security

Those who play on mobile casinos are exposed to a particular risk and that is the vulnerability of their very own devices. How many times have you worried about your own cell phone or tablet being stolen in public? This is of concern to casino players given the sensitive financial information, bankrolls, and card details that are often stored in association with a player's account and activities on a casino. This is why players need to take active steps to secure their devices.

Where possible, you should install an app that provides a comprehensive solution for both viruses and physical theft (password protection of apps, etc). This will help prevent the leaking of your credit card information stored within a casino app to thieves should the worst ever happen. You should also exercise caution when in public. Avoid leaving your device unattended at any point and don't play casino games where preying eyes might await a weak moment to pounce.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell