Best Online Casino Bonuses

If you're in any way familiar with casino games on the Internet, then you'll be well aware of the fact that most casinos will try to entice you using various sign up bonuses. This isn't a bad technique - in fact, most industry leaders believe that it's a necessity for newly developing casino platforms to offer these sorts of bonuses to new players in order to help establish their brand. However, there's no hard and fast rules surrounding what actually constitutes a bonus or even what makes up a "good" bonus. The best casino bonuses are therefore hard to find, so what do you need to know about finding the best ones online today?

Understanding The Terms

One of the most important things you as a player need to do is to carefully review the terms and conditions surrounding a sign up, deposit, or any other form of bonus. This is because casinos don't offer a universal standard when it comes to how their bonuses are offered. It's also important because you'll almost always have to satisfy some sort of process in order to actually receive that bonus. While casinos might lure you in with some bonus, they'll want to keep you around and making other deposits by making you jump through various hoops in order to keep receiving bonuses. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for casinos because it's ensuring they'll thrive in the long term, but it does mean you'll be in for a bit of a struggle. The degree of that struggle, though, is the question you need to answer through carefully reviewing the terms and conditions associated with deposit bonuses.

Reading Through the Lines

Now that you've taken the time to have a look at how the bonus actually works, then it's high time to actually understand whether or not it's actually a good bonus. To do this, you need to assess the time it takes in order to receive the bonus (what sort of games you'll have to play, how many times you've logged on, etc) against the actually investment you'll have to make. For the most part, casinos understand players are well-aware of the value of their time and won't make any sort of significant contribution to a platform until they've been sold on it. However, there are still a few rogue platforms out there that will require substantial amounts of personal and financial investment in order to receive bonuses. We've removed these sorts of platforms for you so you needn't worry about following our recommendations.

Watching Out for Rogue Bonuses

We've taken the time to completely eliminate those who offer rogue bonuses, but it's worth making a special mention that these do exist within the online casino community and especially target those based in the United States. For the most part, exercising a bit of common sense will go a long way in avoiding any sort of encounter with those bonuses, but let's review some of the leading fraudulent bonus styles that are out there:

Excessive Reward ("10,000% Bonus")

This is perhaps the most telltale rogue bonus that exists on the Internet today. Fraudulent casino operators will try to lure players into newly launching platforms by offering bonuses that are simply unrealistic in the long term. After all, how is there any degree of financial viability in offering this sort of bonus to droves of players?

Instant Reward ("No Commitment Required")

There are also vendors who offer instant rewards that you should be particularly careful of. While there are some perfectly legitimate services that offer instant rewards, these are unlikely to be for first time sign up bonuses or initial deposits. Those that do offer instant rewards usually lean towards offering these bonuses for any subsequent deposit after the initial or sign up bonus. It's exceedingly rare that this will apply to a first time or sign up bonus and this is especially true for newly established casinos.

Referral Reward ("Bring Your Friends")

Often combined with another technique mentioned above, you'll probably be enticed into bringing your friends along to a fraudulent casino with some sort of pyramid-style referral scheme. Again, there are some casinos that do employ this technique and it's a perfectly valid one in many respects, but you'll have to read through the conditions in order to reveal what's going on beneath the surface. Those that offer substantially high bonuses for bringing friends along are unlikely to be able to pay out in the long term and are best avoided.

Work-Based Reward ("Help Us Out" / "Street Team")

Finally, another leading technique that casinos will try to entice players using is the work-based reward. This is where the casino will want you to do something on their behalf, such as liking their posts on Facebook in order to receive some sort of reward. You'll have to look at the reward you're being given in order to understand if it's a valid one. Usually it'll be a few tokens of play money or a couple cents worth of actual cash per like or retweet on Twitter. However, those that are offering substantial bonuses for these simple actions should be taken with caution. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is and you're better off not wasting your time or even avoiding that platform altogether as it might be a sign of their dishonest practices.

Finding the Best Bonuses

So, how can you actually go about finding the best bonuses out there? You can rest assured that the recommendations we've made on this website will go the longest way in ensuring your long term enjoyment of online casinos based in the States, but it's not unusual for players to branch out further by reading reviews on forums and social media. These can help confirm the very findings we've made for ourselves and are presenting to you as our reader.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell