Casinos with Fast Cashouts

Those who are in any way familiar with the payout speeds of American casinos, whether they're former or current casinos, will be familiar with the idea that they're not all that quick. In fact, even the fastest payouts with an industry average of around eight business days can appear somewhat slow to the discerning American player. So, what should you know about payout speeds before you jump into the mix and start playing on an American casino?

The Normalcy of Slow Payout Speeds

If you've ever played on an American casino before and have been fortunate to win some money, then chances are you're already familiar with the whole idea of sitting around and waiting for the credit to hit your credit card or have a deposit made to your bank account.

Unfortunately, there's a sense of complacency when it comes to this within US-based online casinos. Slow casino payments shouldn't necessarily be seen as unacceptable in and of themselves, but there are other times when online casinos just aren't the ones who should be taking the blame for slower payout speeds. You'll need to cool your jets before you start looking into further action against online casinos. Just giving things time often solves things!

Why Slow Payments Are Normal

Yes, I know you're quite frustrated at the prospect of having to wait around for your own money. It certainly isn't fair and delayed payments have definitely made American players think twice about depositing any more money onto an online casino. However, trustworthy platforms needn't be distrusted. Instead, they should be questioned as to why they're making slower payments. It's very rare that a trustworthy, reputable name will simply disappear into the night. Many times, slow payments are beyond the control of a casino.

These circumstances will certainly leave players at a bit of a loss as to whether or not they want to keep playing on a particular platform, but slow payments are usually down to payment processing systems in the US. With the ever changing laws surrounding online gambling in the United States, casinos are finding it increasingly difficult to find the most expedited way to get winnings into the rightful hands of their players, which is probably something you've come to find in your own online casino experiences throughout their existence.

This is often completely outside of the casino's control as payment processors will have to understand how to route cash to a client's bank account: especially when that client resides in an area where online gambling is a grey area in terms of legality. Of course, if you live somewhere where online gambling is illegal, then you shouldn't expect any form of payout and can even expect to be the subject of legal action, so it's just not worth your time.

Payment Times

Payment times can also be connected to the method that you're using to withdraw your winnings. PayPal and other e-wallet options tend to be faster ways in order to have cash transferred to a bank account since transactions are likely to process more quickly through these mediums. Direct wire transfers can take some time since there will be manual intervention on behalf of bank staff who might question the source of a withdrawal.

First time payments can also take quite a bit of time to process, too, since there are additional security checks that American casinos are bound to make regarding “know your player” policies that exist at a federal level. These measures exist as counter-terrorism measures and are in the interest of national security and restricting the flow of cash into the hands of terrorists and others who might use their winnings for evil.

Who To Ask About Faster Payouts

While the majority of online casinos have continued to process payments as quickly as they possibly can, you might find yourself waiting around longer than you feel you should be for your winnings. If this is the case, then your first port of call should be customer service. The majority of online casinos have manned help desks who will respond to queries as quickly as possible and shouldn't leave you waiting around longer than a day for a reply. Customer service has some level of power in order to issue the release of payments when they've taken excessive amounts of times to process, but will always check into the issue on your behalf in order to find an answer.

It's important for players to give casinos a bit of time in order for their winnings to reach them though. Players should avoid spreading vicious rumours that might make things harder for casinos to operate more successfully within the American marketplace, which by its very nature is difficult to begin with.

Finding the Fastest Payment Speeds

Now the question that's probably on your mind is what casino offers the fastest payment speed? Unfortunately, this is a very difficult question to answer since there are so many variables that exist within the payment networks used and a casino's own approach to processing payments. While some players might find a platform quick, others might find it takes them quite awhile. What's most important is for players to choose a platform they're comfortable with. It should be a reputable, well-known name, like the ones we've outlined on this site, as players can rest assured that their payments will get to them at some point. How long that payment takes will permanently remain a question though.

Players can always use reviews for their own guidance, too. These can provide valuable insight into how quickly a casino will process payments and whether or not this creates a sort of platform-level norm across the board. If it does, then players can go in with the understanding that they'll be paid more quickly than they would elsewhere, but this shouldn't create a firm rule in their minds. You should always be open to the idea that payments can be delayed – it's just how things work on American based casinos.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell