One of the newest names on the block, first came into existence in early 2013 and has since grown to have a respectable catalogue of games, a decent community, and is an overall welcome addition to the American online casino scene thanks to its commitment to integrity and player fairness. Should this platform be worthy of your consideration? Let's find out.

About the Platform

The idea behind was first theorized in August 2010. Back then, its creators wanted to create a one-stop shop for everything slot machine related and wanted to bring in the growing American consumer base who were gravitating towards single player experiences as opposed to multiplayer ones. Of course, this was well before the events of Black Friday that happened and completely shook the casino world to its very core. It's perhaps a good thing that they didn't launch until early 2013 once the smoke had cleared since it's hard to tell where this platform might've ended up. I can't personally predict how Black Friday would have affected this platform. is operated by Lynton Limited, who are a Canadian registered gambling company based in Montreal, Quebec. Because of their advantageous position in Canada, American players are more than welcome with the safety and security that a solid economy brings alongside a slight separation from the US government's interference with gambling operations. The platform itself is built on proprietary software provided by three leading names in the industry including Real Time Gaming, BetSoft, and Genesis Gaming.

What I found particularly interesting about this platform was the number of authoritative names in the casino industry who willingly published their personal endorsements about it. holds favour with such names as The Wizard of Odds. This is likely due to the platform's registration with eCogra, which is a compliance network that audits the odds and payouts of American online casinos that provides information related to overall fairness and ethical standards, which the platform complies with.


As the name of the domain suggests, slots are the primary offer of and the platform provides some of the most entertaining 3D animated slot machines within the American online casino scene. Unfortunately, there are very few branded names that follow the typical standards other modern machines follow. If you're particularly involved with slot machines, then you might recognize names like Aztec Treasure and Caesar's Empire, but I didn't find myself all that in the know about them. The community at large seemed to though.

That's not to say slot machines are the only thing on offer here and I found myself more drawn to's unique blackjack offering known as Zappit! This type of blackjack was first available on Bodog's earliest online casino, but has since taken lesser priority to more traditional approaches to games. It takes a prominent place within's catalogue though and I found myself rather interested in the game.

In a nutshell, Zappit! blackjack allows players to receive a free deal if their hands equal 15, 16, or 17. They can effectively “zap” their hand in order to make the cards disappear and get a fresh deal. This gives players a greater chance of seeing a 21 and is particularly useful when a dealer's up card is something of high value, like an ace or king.

Other table games including craps, roulette, baccarat, and variations of poker are also available on

Deposit and Withdrawal Options doesn't particularly set the American online casino world on fire with its rather standard options. However, what you might expect including credit card balances and bank transfers are there for withdrawal and deposit options, but don't necessarily benefit from any sort of speedy transfer. American banks are still largely in control of this transfer and it can take days for these actions to take place with an average of eight business days being common for withdrawals.

Bonus Schemes

Like other online casinos, offers a good amount of bonuses to entice new players. There's a particularly interesting reward scheme that can be immediately redeemed for cashback. However, there is an initial subscription cost as players will have to register for a VIP tier within Silver, Gold, and Diamond rankings. This would particularly benefit those who play the slot machines quite a bit as Diamond VIPs can receive three VIP points for every $1 bet, which I found to be a very common figure for the majority of their higher value slot machines. There are even extra perks available including priority customer service and an annual birthday bonus depending on the VIP status of the player on their birthday. is currently running a Facebook promotion where players are eligible for a no deposit bonus simply by liking and sharing their page. There's even a chance for this deposit to become their own, but requires a one-hundred time rollover in order to withdraw the bonus in its entirety. An initial sign up bonus is also on offer with 100% of the first deposit being matched up to $500. The rollover requirements are actually quite generous for players, too, with players only being required to rollover twenty-five times before claiming it as their own. I found this to be great against the current industry norm, which is far higher than this value.


This is an American online casino that pretty much does what it says on the box: it's a slot machine website that was designed for slot jockeys by the very same people. While there's the presence of other casino games and admittedly some of them, like Zappit blackjack, I thought were awesome, it just wouldn't be enough to sway me into saying this would be “the” platform to choose. It's certainly a worthwhile option if you're just looking to play slot machines as the volume and variety of machines is hard to beat, but I don't think it offers a full-fledged online casino experience for American players.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell