Roulette Guide

The big wheel is one of those iconic symbols that casino players instinctively associate with the casino experience at large. The American online casino isn't any different and this game tends to be one of its main event features prominently displayed at just about every corner. So, what is it about the game that brings so many players into the mix? The answer is simple: money. Roulette is one of those games that players around the world have experienced big wins playing and you could be the wheel's next big winner.

Playing Roulette Online

The big wheel can seem rather intimidating when players step up to it for the first time and it's perhaps why you've avoided doing it up until this point. However, once players understand the underlying principles behind the game, then the experience seems much less daunting. In fact, it's rather fun and the sheer volume of players who make regular use of the game will wholeheartedly agree.

When approaching the table for the first time, players will undoubtedly be drawn to the scattering of numbers and various options around the felt. These are all betting options that players are free to pick and choose from. However, the numbers in particular need specific attention as players will undoubtedly find several different places they can click on surrounding the numbers. These are different arrangements, where players can split or corner a variety of numbers to cover more of the board at a reduced return. For the more part, platforms make this clear and easy for players to see what numbers they've picked by highlighting or otherwise illuminating the board to display where their active bet has been placed. Once it is confirmed and locked, players simply await the wheel's spin in order to reveal the winning number and continue playing from that point.

What most new players tend to do, perhaps incorrectly, is to simply bet on red and black. While this isn't necessarily a bad approach, it doesn't give players much by the way of a return (usually a doubling of the bet in the event of a hit or 1:1). This means you could be sitting idly around waiting for the colours to hit and not get very far in the long run. It's a great way to stay in the game for longer, but it doesn't really provide the true roulette experience. This is why getting comfortable with the number board is often recommended. Playing corners and rows can be excellent options that reduce risk while also providing a potential higher rate of return.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Are Tables Managed?

Those who are familiar with brick and mortar casinos and their roulette offerings, which make up for approximately 35% of the games available on the floor of a typical establishment, will know that tables are limited in terms of the number of players they can accommodate. Coloured chips will be assigned to players as they buy into the table then cashed out as they leave. This helps ensure bets don't get misplaced or paid out incorrectly when players win.

This isn't the same as the online roulette experience. Players won't necessarily be in the physical presence of others, so there's no sharing of the board. The virtual felt is completely open for players to clearly see where they're placing their bets and there won't be any misconstrued ideas players will be required to confirm what they're betting on. Some American online casinos will allow “ghosted” images of other players sharing the table to give general indications of how others are betting, but it won't obstruct your view as you're placing bets.

2. What are the Differences Between the Wheels?

Those who are new to the casino experience might be thrown off by the ideas of “American Wheels” and “European Wheels” (amongst other house-level variations). The European wheel has a single zero whereas the American wheel has two sets of zeros. This means players stand a statistically better chance of playing the European wheel, which is sometimes available on US based online casinos. For the most part, though, players will be playing the American wheel using American online casinos.

3. Do Betting Strategies Work?

Some players are suckered in by the idea that there are betting strategies that “beat the wheel”. The only way you can truly beat the wheel is to clock it or perform other sorts of monitoring procedures that discover wheel biases, which is usually only effective when playing in brick and mortar casinos where a physical bias may accidentally exist. Betting strategies are somewhat useless in the online realm. It's a game of chance that can be randomized at the click of a button – it's logically impossible for a bias to exist on an online roulette wheel. With that being said, some can exist as a pre-programmed measure, but this is highly unlikely given that cheaters could program software to help discover these measures and cheat the wheel within a few minutes.

Finding The Best US Online Casino for Roulette

The volume of wheels will undoubtedly make your search difficult. With this being such a mainstay in the casino world, it would be incredibly rare if an online casino didn't offer the title within its offers. This is often why players tend to lean towards the most innovative approach. Live dealer casinos tend to offer excellent online roulette experiences, since players can actively watch a real wheel spinning in the presence of an actual casino dealer.

However, this shouldn't be the exclusive aspect that guides a search since there are so few live dealer online casinos that cater for American players at the minute. Players should also look towards advice from their fellow players in order to find the best wheel. There are likely to be contesting views on what platform has the best wheel, but it will certainly help narrow down the prospects. In the end, it could just be a matter of personal preference based on the insight of others!

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell