Online Casino Games

American casino players aren't at a loss for when it comes to their favourite online games. The industry leaders within the field are well-aware of this fact and have aimed to cater to the overwhelming majority by offering leading table and floor games as their standard staples within their platforms.

That's not to say that every online casino will contain the same games, but players can rest assured that they'll be available more often than not. Some advanced research and insight into the topic is always recommended though, which is why we've compiled this resource on casino games for your benefit.

Why Casino Games Are Popular

There's no doubting that casino games are on the rise in terms of their popularity, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly why this is the case. There are three leading theories behind the idea of casino gaming and their rise to prominence over the last decade:

Economic Issues

Perhaps one of the leading ideas behind the popularity of casino games in modern times is the current economic situation we're faced with as a global whole. American players have particularly been affected by an economic downturn and there's only been recent evidence of an overall recovery. While you and many others might remain cautiously optimistic for the future, there are others in similar positions who aren't feeling all that confident in the overall US and even the global economy. This is why American casinos have been opening up in droves recently. Online casino platforms offer a safe, convenient, and above all consistent access to funds and players do take solace in the fact that they always have a convenient and consistent potential income stream right at their very fingertips.

Now, should casino games replace a job altogether? Not in the least. While some players have gone on to have very successful careers as professional gamblers, those who are able to do this are very and far between. It takes far more than just giving up a traditional nine-to-five in order to focus on casino games as an exclusive pursuit. A solid plan needs to be in place backed with considerable cash savings and a temporary income stream to ensure some degree of earning in low periods. Players need to give quite a bit of due consideration to this thought before they jump into the mix as career gamers - it's a very, very risky venture that only pays off for a select few!

Political Issues

Black Friday was a day that changed the face of the American online casino scene forever. In mid-April 2011, the US government seized control of the domains of leading online poker platforms operating in the United States. Within the blink of an eye, players were left without access to their bankrolls. While some payouts have been legally made from these cases, there are still millions of players without access to any of their winnings or even their initial deposits.

The current American online casino scene is different. Built on far greater levels of political stability and a developing framework that allows the playing of casino games over the Internet in the States, players are finding ways to trust the experience once again. That isn't to say there's a huge level of hesitation involved and it's hard to ignore that elephant in the room, but the platforms we've personally reviewed each have a commitment to a safe gaming experience for Americans. With that being said, though, it's still the player's responsibility to confirm the legal status of online gaming within their jurisdiction. There are some states that fall within a legal grey area, whereas others like Montana outright exclude online casino games within their legal framework despite federal laws not specifically excluding online gambling.

The Traditional Lure

Casino games by their very nature are fun and exciting. It's these feelings that have drawn players in for centuries and continue to do so right now. Some players aren't necessarily all that bothered by a long term experience and how the political or economic landscapes might change them. Maybe they're just looking for some fun for a night, which is exactly what online casino games can provide players. No commitments need to be necessary when it comes to playing games and you're free to simply come and go as you please within the online casino world. While there will obviously be some delay in terms of withdrawing and sometimes depositing funds to a bankroll, it's unlikely to cause any significant disruption for players who just want to play a couple of games and try their luck at the tables.

Choosing Casino Games

When it comes to choosing the right casino game for you, you need to take a step back and assess what it is that's drawing you into the whole casino experience at large. This will usually help guide players towards the right games for them. That's not to say you can't just jump onto every table or floor game and hope for the best: you can and online casinos make this very easy to do. However, many players tend to gravitate towards a select few (or even one) game in order to keep them playing over the long term. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because it does help ensure a more enjoyable gaming experience. It does mean that players will need to do a bit of soul searching in order to find what's right for them though.

With this in mind, we've compiled a resource of the most popular online casino games you're likely to find on American casino platforms. This should provide you with greater insight into the casino experience as a whole; along with the particular title in question in order to gauge whether or not it'll be a good fit for your needs. Whether you're looking for the most entertaining experience or the game that could make you rich, we've made this information available for you.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell