Slot Machines

Slot machines are all about speed: fast paced bets, fast paced play, and the fastest possible payouts against any game on the casino floor. It's not surprising that so many people gravitate towards slots when these machines can occupy an estimated excess of 55% of typical full-fledged establishments. However, what do players need to know about finding the best machines and how to play them?

Playing Slot Machines

Traditional slot machines aren't all that intricate in their design. Players simply bet the amount of coins they wish to play, pull the lever, and watch what happens. The process is quite similar online with players clicking corresponding buttons to bet single coins at a time or make a maximum bet and pull the lever in one click. This will spin a single reel of images and a series of matches will correspond to a particular payout listed within the display, if a player happens to create a run of the same images.

While this is all well and good for those who enjoy a simple slot experience, it doesn't necessarily address the needs of those who want a more involved slot machine. This is where the rise of the modern slot machine came into play. You might recognize these as those slot machines based on popular TV shows, celebrities, and similar figures, but the modern concept lies within its multi-reel design that allows players to play several lines at a time in exchange for much higher bets. While these cost a bit more to play in the long run, they do provide players with a chance to win significantly more. This could equal a much greater return over a longer term.

Modern machines are by no means the only offer, but do account for what players will likely come across more regularly. Some European influence has also been seen more recently with the presence of “fruit machines” and similar concepts being introduced into the American online casino. These are the slot machines that have a game attached to it with successful spins leading towards unlocking specific parts of the game board and allow the player to perform corresponding actions. These tend to be the most involved experiences in terms of a slot machine, but aren't prominently featured within American casinos – probably for the very reason that they take a long time to play and aren't necessarily the highest earners for the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Find a “Hot Slot Machine”?

The idea of a hot slot machine is one that's widely contested within the casino community, but is especially prominent within America online casinos where players are looking for the quickest payoff with minimal investment. Unfortunately, there's no one way to truly find a “hot” machine due to the completely randomized nature of playing slot machines. The general idea behind the principle suggests that hot machines are ones that have been regularly spun without paying a jackpot or other high value win. However, due to the random nature of slots, this could very well be how the machine was programmed and it isn't likely to pay off anytime soon.

2. What Slot Machines Are Most Profitable?

There is no way key way to answer this question given the variable nature of slot machines. Some might find themselves luckier on traditional machines despite them being classed as having limited returns in comparison to modern machines. This is a true game of chance that players will simply need to try their luck at.

3. How Do Community Bonuses Work?

One of the newest concepts to arrive on modern slot machines is the community bonus. In its most basic form, it's a reward scheme for those who have been playing the slot machines for quite some time and rewards them with various incentives to keep playing the game. When players begin playing a compatible modern slot machine, they're entered into a pool of players who are each in a queue. Those who have been playing the longest will be at the front of the queue, whereas those who are just starting out will be at the end. As the games go on, the bonus will reward players at pre-defined intervals (with say a bonus free spin) along with a random bonus for the player at the front of the queue (three free spins perhaps). This is a new technique casinos are introducing to help keep players actively spinning their machines and is starting to become quite popular on American based online casinos.

Finding the Best Slot Machine Platform on US Online Casinos

Slot machines are a relatively universal offer that doesn't necessarily benefit one platform or another. This is because the machines themselves are exactly the same from the player's perception. The only key differences lie within how the casino operators themselves have chosen to tweak the machines for their benefit.

Slots aren't particularly known as high grossers for casino operators in comparison to table games like blackjack or roulette, which means players will often find the slot experience to be quite universal across every online casino in the US. Few machines of the same title will pay out more on one platform than another since operators will simply choose to use the stock settings the machine was programmed with in order to introduce it to the virtual floor as quickly as possible.

What this means for players is that they're free to choose any American online casino based on other criteria. Perhaps slot machines are a way to end a gaming session for you and you'll want something that's more geared towards blackjack. This is a far better approach than finding a platform based on the exclusive requirement of being a top slot machine contender. However, by sticking with a reputable and well-known US online casino like the ones we've outlined on this website, players will undoubtedly provide themselves with an excellent gaming experience overall.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell