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If you're looking for the latest and greatest online casino platforms that cater to American players, then you're in luck. We've taken the time to compile what we believe are the safest, most secure, and above all most entertaining options for players in the States today. As players ourselves, we didn't take this task lightly and wish to offer only the most accurate information we can to you as our reader.

Why American Casino Players Are Facing Trouble

This issue isn't a recent one and dates back to April, 2011. During this time, the US government forcibly seized control of several leading online poker websites and completely blocked access to them for its residents. This meant all of the leading names in poker suddenly disappeared off the Internet for Americans within the blink of an eye.

Bankrolls, deposits, and many withdrawals were subsequently lost and there are millions of players to this very day who haven't received any of what they initially put into these platforms. While some payouts exist and some players did get some of what they originally put into their online poker experiences, this doesn't represent a significant portion of the players. It goes without saying that this has left a major rift within the online gaming community.

Some players have left the scene altogether, whereas others are on a search for a safer alternative. Many of these players swept up in finding the safest options have been conned into very poor platform choices that are both unsafe and unsustainable over the long term.

This issue isn't something that's unique within the American casino scene either. Several online casinos and even brick and mortar casinos and card rooms have faced similar troubles. This is due to the ever changing laws surrounding gambling in the United States and these laws are in a constant state of flux.

We will always therefore recommend that you check your local laws where you reside in order to determine the legality of online gambling. While there are no federal laws that explicitly prohibit online gaming, there are state level laws in some areas that do (Montana). Many times, online gambling tends to be within a legal grey area and players and advised to proceed with caution.

Other states, like New Jersey and Nevada, do allow its residents to gamble online and even more are currently opening the floor to discussions regarding its usefulness to the economy. This is a rather exciting time for those who want to use an American online casino since there's so much political and legal divide; along with the prospect of an overall national legalization, which would be great news for American gamblers.

If you've been affected by these events personally or are worried that you might wake up one day only to find your entire casino bankroll missing, then we urge you to read on. You can rest assured that everything we've compiled has been the result of personal, first-hand research and that we ourselves were on the search for the best American online casinos today. We believe we've found it and have included several other top name contenders that are definitely worthy of your consideration.

What We Found

Our search wasn't an easy one, but what we ultimately discovered is that there are an overwhelming majority of unethical, dubious online casino platforms operating in the United States. We eliminated these from our listings and haven't made any mention of them on this website. What we have presented are our best picks: the American online casinos we would personally play and and, in some cases, do use for ourselves.

If you're looking for a long list of online casinos to play at, 100 Best Casino Sites has you covered. They plan to review ALL of the casinos listed on the site.

However, this wasn't by any means an easy task in order to “rank” them as so many other review websites intend to do. Yes, we have offered our opinion on what we believe is the ideal ranking system, but we'll ultimately leave the decision in your hands. After all, each of these online platforms caters to something very unique and very specific within the online casino marketplace. Some are more well-geared towards online American roulette wheels, whereas others will cater to card players. The decision is ultimately up to you because we understand you have your own needs that need personal addressing. There is no one ultimate platform that caters to everyone in every circumstance. While some get close, others are just simply better for individual needs and will suit your perfectly. Rest assured that there is the perfect platform out there for you. It's just a matter of finding it!

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Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell