High Roller Online Casinos

A “high roller” is someone who gambles large sums of money. In the context of this site and this page, we’re talking about someone who does so on casino games rather than poker or sports betting. When it comes to Internet gambling, the definition of a high roller differs from what someone might consider a high roller in a land-based casino. Betting limits on the Internet tend to be lower than they are in a land-based casino in a major gambling destination like Las Vegas. But some gamblers do gamble large amounts of money on casino games on the Internet. This page looks at which games are most attractive to these “whales” and what the average betting limits are on them. I’ve also done some analysis related to how much such a player can expect to lose at such a game.

Traditional Land-Based Casinos

The definition of a high roller depends on the casino. At Melbourne’s Crown Casino in Australia, if you bring $50,000 or more to the table, you’re a whale. At many casinos, the limits that are being played for are the determining factor. As a general rule, if a player is betting six figures on a game, that player is a high roller. Some casinos can’t afford to cover this kind of action, because if a high roller gets on a winning streak, it can wipe out an entire month’s worth of profits in a matter of hours.

Online Casinos

Being a high roller at an online casino is a lot easier to pull off. For one thing, most casinos have much lower buy-ins. At most online casinos, the maximum deposit is less than $10,000 at a time, and it’s often significantly lower than that. The maximum deposit amount also depends on which method you’re using to get the money to the casino. I did some research at Bovada, one of the larger and more popular gambling sites online. The maximum deposit there is $1000 unless you’re using Bitcoin, in which case the maximum deposit is $5000. Of course, a dedicated high roller might contact such a site and ask for an exception. If it’s practical to do so, many online casinos will get flexible with such amounts.

High Roller Casino Games

Most high rollers prefer table games, since those are the games which offer the highest limits. I already mentioned that in a land-based casino, a high roller is often betting $100,000 or more per hand. In an online casino, this amount is much lower. But it can still be a significant amount of money. The blackjack tables at Bovada, for example, allow you to bet as much as $500 per hand. If the maximum deposit is $5000, you can run through your entire deposit in a matter of minutes.

Blackjack is just one high roller casino game, though. Other games popular with whales include baccarat, craps, and roulette. Almost any card game is often available with high limits, too. But games like video poker are usually more targeted at low rollers. Of course, slot machines can be available for both low rollers and high rollers alike, depending on the casino. It’s easy to find slots in a live casino for $100 per line per spin or even $500 per line per spin. On the Internet, $5 per line per spin is a more realistic target to shoot for.

What Should You Do if You’re an Online High Roller?

High rollers at traditional casinos receive all kinds of perks. These include meals and entertainment expenses. They also include travel and lodging. The idea is that the casino is going to win so much money from such players that they can afford to spoil them a little bit. Online casinos handle these things a little differently.

If you’re a high roller at an online casino, you should contact the customer service department at the site and ask them if they have a host for high rollers. Just because an Internet casino doesn’t have a physical location doesn’t mean that their benefits are worse than what you’d find at a land-based casino. The trick is getting in touch with a casino host from the very beginning of your relationship with the website.

Expect them to ask you questions about how much you intend to play and how often. They’re going to use this information to help them decide how much to reward you and how often. Many times your rewards are going to come in the form of rebates or extra bonuses that aren’t available to other gamblers. One thing you can do with your high roller status is sometimes negotiate bigger limits on certain games. You won’t know unless and until you ask.

Updated: 11.26.2016
Author: Steve Mitchell
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